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Out of its picturesque art style, that screeching sound and flashing silhoutte took me to the edge of my seat (and I had to play cheery music afterward :'D).

I get the impression that the complete story of event/"what's really going on at that apartment??" is splitted into tiny clue in MC's interaction with other attendant, but still a mystery as I recently only get (a bit spoiler) the "Jacob abduct me" and "Carter's contact to the alien has disillusioned me" endings. 

And it's said that there are 3, dare for a walkthrough to other ending? ;)


The save doesn't work and that is very annoying to have to start the whole thing over again and again for trying other choices. Especially since you cannot skip all seen dialogues by holding down Ctrl with TyranoBuilder like you can do with Ren'Py. Could you get the save to work please?


Very well produced. All the music cues and graphics hit perfectly, really well done! The music itself added a lot to the tone and feel of the game.The characters introduced, so far, were interesting. I was getting into what Carter was putting down and would subscribe to his newsletter. lol

I hope you continue with this project.

Great stuff!!!

Thank you very much!

I'm so happy to hear the game is going over well! I do hope to make future installments or revise the entire project to a full-length game!


Ah, that was very nice~ The art is super smooth and I love what you did with the UI! I hope to see more from you soon!

Thank you kindly. I'm really hoping to turn it into something more than a singular entry now that I've done it. I appreciate the comment!